What's Up With the Pink Unicorn?

Feb 19 2016


The Pink Unicorn is a mythical creature no one has actually seen and most believe does not exist. The same could be said for a mortgage company with highly motivated employees who are committed to providing the best customer service each and every day.

At The Money Source Inc., we strive to create a positive and strong company culture, anchored by our Core Values

  • People Matter.
  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Strength of Character
  • Rock Solid Service

The Money Source Inc. adopted the whimsical, and yes imaginary, Pink Unicorn as its mascot with the intent of turning what some consider a fantasy workplace into reality; we are building an army of Pink Unicorns to prove it’s possible!

Partner with The Money Source Inc. to experience what sets us apart from other companies - Become a Partner today!

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