Meet the TMS Team - Salvatore Palumbo

Oct 20 2015

Welcome to another edition of Meet the TMS Team! Today you'll meet Salvatore Palumbo, Records Retention Specialist.

Sal works in our main office in Melville, NY and has been with the team since June of 2015. He was a recent college graduate and was happy to find a job right after he graduated! The best thing about working at TMS for Sal is the people. He loves how welcoming and nice everyone is and he never hesitates to reach out to others for help. 

Sal's biggest hobby is sports! He likes to watch sports, play sports and pretty much anything to do with sports. He was actually looked at when he was younger to play for the Cincinnati Reds. It didn't work out for him, but he take a lot of price in the fact that he was considered for the pros!

Other fun facts about Sal:

  • Favorite Food: Anything - as long as it’s not alive or raw
  • Favorite TV Show: Anything on Cartoon Network, Comedy Central or HBO
  • Dream: To play for the New York Yankees

Thanks to Sal for sharing a little about himself!

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