Rocky Balboa: The Ultimate Underdog

Dec 08 2015

I wanted to dedicate this month’s blog to one of the great fictional heroes of this century. His name is the Italian Stallion aka Rocky Balboa. Some of you may be laughing as you read this, others of you are more than likely nodding your head in agreement, you know who you are! Over this holiday weekend I had the pleasure of watching the seventh movie in the Rocky franchise called Creed. It is a great movie, pays homage to the city of Philadelphia, which is essentially a character in the movie, and has some classic Rocky moments. All in all, I give it two thumbs up. But I am not writing a movie review of Creed. I wanted to share with all of you a few great things that I think we can all learn from Rocky - and trust me there are a few.

Being a child of the 80’s, I fell in love with the Rocky movies at a very young age. In fact, my brother and I would watch the Rocky I – IV marathon when it was on each and every year. We would end each movie with a faux fight that inevitably turned into a real fight. We were twin brothers who needed to keep one another entertained and this became a tradition for us. I realized that the reason I loved the Rocky movies so much was because I have always had a fond connection with the idea of the underdog. It is this strange connection that had drawn me to Rocky as a character and as I grew up I found this to be a common thread in my life. If there was a sporting match, I wanted the underdog to win. Come from behind victory, I am all in! The idea of the underdog has always resonated with me whether I was a spectator or the actual underdog. I also believe this is what has drawn me and probably many of us to an industry like ours.

Whenever I am asked what theme song best represents me, the answer is always the same, “Easy….Eye of the Tiger.” I don’t say this to be funny, I say it because I mean it. We are in an industry that can be volatile and unforgiving. Whether we are attacked with 10,000 new pages of regulation, incessant audits, knee-jerk movements in pricing, an unexpected and sustained spike in call volume, or something like TRID, our industry can leave us with our head spinning. I have seen some great people come and go from the mortgage business over the years and I am convinced that it attracts a certain type of person, one in my opinion who can relate to this idea of an underdog. I see this right now as we head into the winter months with loan volume down industry wide from TRID, and the effects of winter looming overhead. It is times like these that we can be our best selves. We can step up to the occasion and take advantage of the market that unfolds when others question their resolve. This is probably the underdog speaking in me right now, but I believe in times of volatility come our biggest and best opportunities. But the key to success is to stay the course and to fight the good fight. With that said I will end with the great words of The Italian Stallion:


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