Meet the TMS Team - KimMaria Moore

May 11 2015


It's time to introduce you to another member of our team! Today you'll meet KimMaria Moore, Purchasing Coordinator at The Money Source.

KimMaria works in our main office in Melville, NY and has been with TMS since February of this year. She was recommended to TMS and her decision to join the team was an easy one. KimMaria appreciates the potential to grow as a company and as an individual. She also loves how her fellow employees are so wiling to teach one another. When she's not busy at work, KimMaria likes to keep active by swimming, riding her bike and tackling 1,000 piece puzzles.

The most influential people in her life are both of her Grandmothers who have passed away, but had a big part in raising her. Her mother also serves as an influential person in her life because she continues to show her the way to go in life even as a grown person.

Other fun facts about KimMaria:

  • Favorite Candy: Almond Joy
  • Favorite Books: Dr. Seuss and Archie
  • Favorite Take-Out Restaurant: The Door in NY.

Thanks to KimMaria for sharing a little about herself!


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Meet the TMS Team - Patrick Kier

Mar 27 2015


We have another TMS Team Member to introduce you to! Today you'll get a chance to meet Patrick Kier, Customer Support/Loan Servicing Specialist here at The Money Source!

Patrick is located in NY and works from our office in Melville, He has been with TMS since May of 2011. At the time he joined, he wanted to start a new career in hopes of building a family - which is now doing! When he's not at work, Patrick likes to spend his free time reading and doing anything athletic - playing or watching.

The most influential person in his life is his father. He was always there to point him in the right direction, even during the tough times. Patrick uses his dad as an inspiration to be a great dad to his own daughter.

Other fun facts about Patrick:

  • Favorite Candy: Three Musketeers
  • Favorite Book: The Lion's Game by Nelson DeMille
  • Favorite Take-Out Restaurant: Smash Burger!

A big thank you to Patrick for sharing a little about himself!

Topics: Patrick Kier, NY, The Money Source, Mellville, Meet Our TMS Team, Correspondent Mortgage

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