Now Accepting HomeReady Loans

Jan 21 2016


The Money Source is pleased to announce that we now accept HomeReady™ Loans! 

This program is designed for creditworthy, low-to moderate-income borrowers, with expanded eligibility for financing homes in designated low-income, minority, and disaster-impacted communities. 

This program is great for homebuyers who are looking for accessible and sustainable financing. The highlights of this program include:

  • Low down payment - up to 97% financing for home purchase with borrower flexibility
  • Flexible sources of funds - can be used for the down payment and closing costs with no minimum contribution required from the borrower's own funds
  • Homeownership education - required online training is easy to use and helps buyers get ready to buy a home and prepare for the responsibilities that come with homeownership

Our Account Executives are here to help with the HomeReady™ program! Contact your Account Executive now. If you aren't partnered with TMS, Become a Partner today.

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