Finding Inspiration from Pearl Jam

Sep 10 2015

pearl-jam-bandThe beauty of a common vision and idea is something I have always found exhilarating. Whether watching a great sports team work collaboratively, or listening to a symphony play to perfection, it always astounds me when a group of individuals collaborate to make something beautiful happen.

I was listening to Pandora while running on the treadmill yesterday afternoon. I am part of Generation X, so my stations range from Guns and Roses to Daft Punk to Children’s Lullaby music (totally clutch for knocking your kids out on drives). When I work out however, I generally toggle between two stations, depending on my mood. Nirvana and The Notorious BIG (aka Biggie Smalls) always have my ear when I am in the gym. I feel like these two artist’s musical sensibilities define me as a person, and their genre of music always gets me fired up while I am in the gym.

On this particular afternoon I was listening to the Nirvana station and they were playing Pearl Jam live in concert. There was this great moment where Eddie Vedder was singing and he turned the mic to the crowd, who collectively took their cue and sang the entire chorus. I can’t remember the song or the exact lyrics but I had this unique moment where I thought to myself, ‘how cool would it be to be Eddie Vedder at that moment; to touch so many people with the words of your song to the point that tens of thousands of people would sing the words back to you in unison on a whim at a rock concert?’ While I was listening to this past moment replayed, I couldn’t help but think how this is a representation of alignment around a core purpose, or Why. (I know, I know, I have problems.)

Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder had struck a chord with their fans. This was a moment in which they were completing each other’s sentences in the form of sung lyrics. It’s hard to put into words, but it wasn’t just about the words they sang together, it was how they sang it that grabbed my attention. I felt as though I witnessed a moment long past where a group of individuals were aligned and each was sharing a piece of who they were together. This is what our Why is all about. It is not just about going to work, doing a job, or making a living. It is about uniting as a group to live our core purpose (aka our Why).

At The Money Source and Endeavor America, our Why is to Grow Happiness and respect in the mortgage industry. We have hundreds – if not thousands – of opportunities per day to do this. We do not get the glory of hearing ten thousand screaming fans respond to these moments when we as an organization collaborate and align to make this Why come to life, however we do get the personal satisfaction of knowing that what we do matters and that we are helping make the lives of those around us better, even if just for a moment. That is what it means to grow happiness and respect. When we all do this together as a group, well… I call that a thing of beauty.

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