Partnership vs Transactionship

Oct 30 2015

At The Money Source, we value Partnership over "Transactionship."

What is Transactionship?

It’s a word we use to refer to big bank lenders who don’t place a value on your future growth, but only focus on getting your loan today and maybe your members tomorrow!

Partnership vs Transactionship

Big Bank Lender (Transactionship)  TMS (Partnership)
Competes with me on the business I sold them     We don't compete with you
Refinances MY client We don't compete with you
Markets to MY clients We don't compete with you
A Retail channel that competes against ME We don't compete with you

Another example of how we value our partners - we offer co-branding on monthly mortgage statements for you! Check out our blog post for more information.

Take advantage of our Partnership! Become a Partner today with The Money Source!

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