TMS gives back to local communities to ignite mission to Grow Happiness

Jan 18 2018

Melville, N.Y (Jan. 16, 2018) — The Money Source Inc. (TMS), a national financial services and mortgage company, announced it launched a company-wide initiative to grow happiness, encouraging employees to give back to their local communities.

Following the company’s massive brand announcement that challenged the industry norm and ignited its mission to Grow Happiness, TMS dedicated time and resources for employees to hit the streets and put the words into action.

The initiative spurred employees to be true ambassadors of happiness, providing everyone with $20 to be as creative and resourceful as they wanted to be in giving back to the community.


Whether it was surprising someone by purchasing their groceries, buying a sleeping bag for a homeless person, passing out water at a community park, or bringing a care package to a nearby hospital, TMS wanted to show that its dedication to growing happiness goes beyond the home-buying process.

“In honor of our 20th anniversary, we wanted to continue to ride the energy behind our new branding and give our employees $20 to give back to local communities,” said TMS CEO Darius Mirshahzadeh.

“Our dedication to spreading happiness doesn’t end at the closing table for us; It’s in our DNA. We are taking a stand in this industry to show we are more than just a mortgage company,” said Mirshahzadeh. “And, this just the beginning for us. We can’t wait to see what the next 20 years hold for TMS.”

By providing its more than 600 employees with $20 each, TMS was able to give up to $12,000 back to its local communities, contributing to the company’s overall goal to help one million happy homeowners and help people achieve their pursuit of happiness. Employees reached nearly 300 different communities, capturing videos and photos of the entire experience that will live on a designated landing page on the company’s website.

For more information on the campaign, visit or join in on the initiative on social by using #GrowHappiness.

About TMS The Money Source Inc.(TMS) is a different kind of company that does business in a different kind of way. Founded in 1997, with a mission to Grow Happiness, TMS is a fast growing fintech company that provides products, technology, speed of service and a unique customer experience to borrowers, clients and team members in their pursuit of happiness. With more than 600 team members, TMS is a national lender and servicer licensed or exempt from licensing in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. For more information, visit


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